There are 4 different flipping strategies that we will learn on the next lessons:

  • Wholesaling and assigning a contract – real estate flip
  • Wholesaling a property multiple times – real estate investing
  • “fix and flip” real estate home investment
  • Second home flipping


Wholesalers earn a profit by authorizing an agreement to buy a property from a seller and afterward entering into an arrangement with a third party to resell the same property at a greater rate for a revenue. All legal rights to the initial acquisition contract are appointed to the brand-new purchaser and also the brand-new purchaser pays a “project cost” to the dealer in order to gain all rights to buy the residential property at the initial acquisition rate. The original acquisition contract usually has an “inspection period” which allows the initial buyer to revoke the contract as well as not shut on it if they do not locate a purchaser to designate their agreement to. Lots of wholesalers have no intention of actually acquiring the residential or commercial property and also merely utilize wholesaling as a tool to find properties for other financiers.


Oftentimes, if another purchaser is not found prior to the end of the evaluation period, the wholesaler cancels the original acquisition agreement (via its cancellation provision) as well as retaining the down payment. Wholesaling requires little or no money to be protected in escrow, as well as most of the times, the wholesaler never ever intends to actually purchase the residential or commercial property. The method of wholesaling is typically marketed as “No Money Down and also No Threat” by many real estate mentoring companies and infomercials since the actual deposit can be as low as $10 as well as commonly even the deposit can be returned if the dealer cancels the agreement before the end of the inspection period.

Some people are of the opinion that wholesaling is deceitful misstatement given that the dealer does not really plan to close on the residential or commercial property themselves. However, in the USA wholesaling is perfectly legal and most realty contracts allow the purchaser an examination duration and any amount of deposit that purchaser and vendor consent to. Wholesaling in residential or commercial property is no different from wholesaling in any kind of other markets.


In an effective transaction, the vendor is frequently unaware that the original purchaser is not purchasing the property. In many cases, dealers actually purchase the building for money and after that market the residential or commercial property to their end customer in a 2nd closing. This method is considered more expensive considering that the customer is paying shutting expenses to acquire the residential or commercial property and to re-sell the home. Nonetheless, many individuals think about double closing to be much more moralistic. In cases where there is substantial benefit from reselling it frequently makes sense for the dealer to pay for two closing prices (dual closing) to avoid asking for a huge project fee from their purchaser.

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