House flipping is purchasing investment property below market value, increasing its worth and then sell it in the market value. Sounds easy, right? There are various problems when flipping a house, we will teach you what they are and how you can avoid them.

Homes are generally sold underneath market value by negligent sellers or those in distress (like job loss or foreclosed properties). Sometimes the undervalued property is a “fixer upper” that calls for some remodeling work. Sometimes they require very little, for instance, paint and carpet and other times they have mold, asbestos, or foundation issues. These inherently holds more danger and more work, and therefore often have substantial profits.

This is an 11-lesson course in which we are going to enlighten you about how you can become a home investor and flip a house on your own.

The course is basically divided into 3 main subjects which are:

  1. Step by Step on how to flip a house for home investors
  2. Real estate investing in Flipping types
  3. Financing a flip

Follow the lessons to learn this priceless knowledge:

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